Enable Code Hints for Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 now includes PHP code hints optimized specifically for WordPress. To enable this feature, all you need to do is enable the Dreamweaver code hints configuration file. 

Select the pull down menu Site ? Site-Specific Code Hints to bring up the Site-Specific Code Hints dialog box.
Select from the drop down combo box labeled “Structure” from which you can select the WordPress option
Ensure that the site root is selected and click the OK button.

Dreamweaver will automatically scan your site and provide code hints for clue insights into WordPress’ Template Tag API and proper syntax. To use code hints, simply begin typing a few letters of the WordPress template tag inside a valid PHP block followed by pressing Ctrl+Space bar. For example, with the cursor position right after the underscore in the code block <?php get_ ?> press the Ctrl+space bar key combo and a popup list will appear containing a matching set of  WordPress template tags that begin with “get_”, such as get_header, etc. Code hints can eliminate a lot of guess-work and speed your development process by providing an instant reference without having to look up template tag syntax on the web.