Manually Installing DesktopServer on Windows


Manual installation should NOT be used to upgrade an existing installation. Overwriting existing files will erase any existing websites you have created. For manual upgrade, please see the instructions.

Manual Installation of DesktopServer on Windows

  1. First, download the installation package for your platform from your account.
  2. Unzip the .zip file and locate the “libs” sub-folder containing the xampplite folder.
  3. Drag the xampplite folder to your c:\ hard drive.
  4. Open the Windows command prompt by pressing the Windows button on your keyboard or clicking the “Start” button and typing “Command Prompt”, followed by pressing the enter key.

    Type the following (on one line) in the Command Prompt window, followed by pressing the enter key:
    cd /D c:\xampplite\ds-plugins&..\all\bin\unzip

    Type the next command, follwed by pressing the enter key:
    cd /D c:\xampplite\mysql&..\all\bin\unzip

    You may now close the Windows Command Prompt window or type “exit”.
  5. Double-click the DesktopServer program icon from within your c:\xampplite

If everything went well, DesktopServer will launch, and you can create your first local development site! 


If DesktopServer fails to start, you may need to disable your third-party anti-virus or anti-malware application and/or right-click and select “Open as Administrator”.