How to Use Blueprints for Quick & Consistent WordPress Development

You can place plugins and theme frameworks that you frequently use inside DesktopServer’s Blueprints folder. This can help you accelerate the common website configurations you usually create as well as try out different versions of WordPress.  Blueprints are faster than any PHP based backup and restore solution since DesktopServer is compiled and optimized to native code for Macintosh and Windows.

For instance, if you wanted to get started with a WordPress beta, you can go to and download the beta version of WordPress. Simply copy it into your blueprints folder. On Mac, you can find the blueprints folder at Applications:XAMPP:blueprints using Finder and in Windows, at c:\xampplite\blueprints

In this video, we will show you how to create a blueprint from scratch and set it up so that it’s preconfigured with themes and plugins that you might use on a regular basis.

For those that would rather have step-by-step directions:

  1. Create a local WordPress Website
  2. Finish the installation by opening a browser and going to your newly created .dev site
  3. In the Dashboard, configure your site with any frameworks, themes and plugins that you might have
  4. If you are using anything that requires a license key (that does not use an API), go into that plugin and enter the key, then save
  5. In DesktopServer, export that local site to a .zip file
  6. Place that zip file in your Blueprints directory (Mac is \\applications\XAMPP\Blueprints and Windows is c:\xampplite\blueprints)
  7. Restart DesktopServer if necessary

Next time you go to create a site, you’ll find that your newly created archive is now a Blueprint and it’s ready for local deployment!