403 Error When Running Catalina (Few Sites)

After upgrading your system to Catalina, you might experience an issue where visiting your websites result in a 403 error. This is because Apple has locked down the Documents folder, and by default, DesktopServer stores your site files in Documents\Websites. The solution for this is to move your files to another directory. There are two methods to do this. If you have a few sites, the easiest way to do this is simply using the "Move" Option within DesktopServer. If you have several sites, we recommend manually copying your files and updating your preferences file as explained in this article.

To move your site:

  1. From DesktopServer's main menu, select, "Remove, copy or move an existing website --> Next

  2. Select the site you would like to move and click on the "Move website" Radio Button --> Move

  3. From here you can change the site name if you like, or you can leave it as is.
  4. In the Site Root window, select Browse. You can choose the directory of your choice as long as it is not under the Documents Directory. When you click on "Browse," you might see a dialogue that states that iCloud may not work properly. Click OK and proceed to select your directory.

    1. Apple has created a directory under Users\yourusername\Sites. You can choose to use this directory as your new default if you like, or you can place it somewhere else.
  5. Once you have determined your new location, click Select
  6. Click Next
  7. DesktopServer will now move your files and restart the service
  8. Visit your site to be sure that everything works as expected