DesktopServer Does Not Run on Catalina OS

After working through the new security standards associated with Apple's Catalina Operating System, we are pleased to say that we've created a patch script that is now available to return functionality to DesktopServer v3.9.3. 

This new script will create exceptions for all of the DesktopServer files and dependencies that Catalina was blocking. Once you have downloaded and run the script, start DesktopServer as you normally would. You'll notice that there is a new Design-Time Plugin named, "Catalina Compatibility Fix." This should, by default, already be turned on, but in the event that it's not, please be sure it is activated.

Where to get the file:

Both Premium and Limited users can find the file in our Github Repository. Premium Subscribers will also find this same file in their Account Section under the Downloads Tab.


1. Download the file catalina-fix-001.scpt
2. Be sure that all DesktopServer services are stopped by shutting down DesktopServer (if running) and opening up Applications --> Utilities --> Activity Monitor
3. In the Activity Monitor, make sure that all httpd and mysql services are stopped. If they are running, you might have to Force Quit these services
4. Double-click on the downloaded script
5. Follow the prompts
6. Once complete, start DesktopServer
7. All functionality should now be returned

NOTE: If you shut down DesktopServer, you might run into instances where httpd does not shut down. To shut these services down, open up a Terminal window and issue the following command: sudo killall -9 httpd

This will kill all httpd services.