Preferences file Repair Script

This Preferences file repair script was created to recover a damaged or missing Preferences file. DesktopServer uses the Preference file to hold information about your DesktopServer installation including settings and information about each site created. If the Preferences file is damaged or missing the sites you created, download this tool from:

Copy this file into:

Windows: c:\xampplite\

Mac: Applications > XAMPP

How to Use:

You can access this script via command line or via DesktopServer's DS-CLI.

For DS-CLI, open a browser and visit http://localhost and hover over one the of the site names. A ds-cli link will be presented, click it to open a DS-CLI terminal window. 

At the prompt type: php.exe "c:\xampplite\prefrepair.php" -h

This will present you with the "Help" screen:

Usage: prefrepair [-options] [document-directory]
-b:browser The default browser to use. One of "Safari", "Chrome" or "Firefox".
-f Forces rewrite of site data entry, even if already exists.
-h Display this help page
-t:tld Specify Top Level Domain for your local sites. Default ""
-v Verbose output

document-directory is the directory where websites are located. Example: C:\Users\gregg\Documents\Websites\

For command line

At the prompt type: c:\xampplite\php\php c:\xampplite\prefrepair.php -h

*If your sites are located in more than one location on your system you may have to run this script twice.