DesktopServer does not start

On a Mac if DesktopServer does not ask for a system password, please follow the steps.

DesktopServer looks for a properly protected folder to determine when it has admin rights.This system is compromised and open to everyone.

It’s permissions on /private/etc.   Please restore the permissions to default using Finder

Open Finder
Click on the "Go" menu item
Then "Go to Folder"
Enter "/private" and hit the [ Go ] button
Right mouse click on the "etc" folder and choose "Get Info"
Click on the lock at the bottom to unlock the settings
Under "Sharing & Permissions:" you should have following:
system - Read & Write
wheel - Read Only
everyone - Read Only
After setting these Click on the gear and choose "Apply to enclosed items..."
Then click the unlocked lock to re-lock

Now open DesktopServer, it will ask you if you want to "Yes, Restart DesktopServer with privileges." [ Next > ]
This is when you should see a box asking for the System username and password.