Using Database Archive

  1. To access the Database Archive Utility, login to the dashboard of your local site
  2. Select Tools then go to DS Database Archive to get to the Settings page
  3. As noted at the top of this page, this settings will apply themselves to all of your local sites, both present and future as long as this plugin is activated

  4. Select how often you'd like your databases backed up and what time you would like to have them backed up
  5. You have the option of selecting your archive mode
  6. Selecting a single .sql file for each site will only retain the most recent backup
  7. Selecting a .sql with a date stamp for each site will maintain multiple backups of your databases with the date and time stamp (Please note that this will take up more hard drive space)
  8. Next, select your archive location
  9. Click on [ Save Changes ]
  10. You now have the option to run the Database Archive Utility to back up your databases using the new settings by clicking [ Run Archive Now ] or you can wait for the utility to run aat its scheduled time
  11. After running the Archive Now command, you will find your databases all backed up in the designated directory 
  12. Please note that DesktopServer must be running at the scheduled time with the Database Archive Utility active in order for the backups to occur but you do not need to be logged in to your local sites. If DesktopServer is not running at the scheduled time, the backups will automatically occur immediately upon your next launch of DesktopServer