WordPress Memory Limit Issues

DesktopServer come comes preconfigured with the memory limit already set to 128MB. You can verify this by visiting http://localhost/xampp/phpinfo.php in your web browser and scrolling to (or search for via Ctrl+F) memory_limit.However, you may need to change your setting in your specific virtual server instance of WordPress, here’s how:

  1. Open your wp-config.php file for the site in question. This is typically located at (where [your-username] represents your Windows login name and [your-website] represents the fictitious domain name of your development website:c:\Users\[your-username]\Documents\Websites\[your-website]\wp-config.php
  2. Within the file type (usually above the statement that reads “/* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */”):define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '96M');
  3. Save the file. Be sure to look for previous definition of the statement earlier within the file and remove it.