Direct Deploy vs Quick Deploy

Direct Deploy vs Quick DeployDirect deploy, while convenient, can be considerably slower than FTP. This is because Direct deploy uses HTTP to transfer your data in the reverse direction. Today’s routers are highly optimized for HTTP so you should be able to get a connection where FTP may be unavailable. However, many hosting providers place bandwidth limitations on HTTP where as FTP is likely uninhibited. Also, the compression algorithm for HTTP is not as tight as FTP.Where time is factor and FTP is easily available, you can use Quick Deploy instead. Here are the pros and cons:

Quick Deploy:

  • You must supply your own FTP client or method for uploading
  • Most hosting providers do not inhibit FTP speeds
  • Tighter ZIP file compression for faster transfers
  • Requires server file system interaction
  • Legacy ZIP file size limitation (not good for lengthy videos)

Direct Deploy

  • Files can be very large (like video) and are transferred in “chunks” and re-assembled on server
  • No FTP client necessary to upload files, transfer function is built in to DesktopServer
  • Uses HTTP ensuring higher connection availability where FTP is unavailable
  • Some hosting providers limit HTTP speed, slowing transfer times
  • Base64 encoding results in longer transfer times