Host Returns "Unable to locate xmlrpc.php" Error When Trying to Deploy or Export

There are times, when attempting to either export your site for either Quick Deploy or Direct Deploy purposes that your host might return an error stating that it cannot locate xmlrpc.php. This can be caused by a number of things but the most common causes are that the domain name that you selected in the "Export As" field in the process does not match the settings found in the Live Host's WordPress Dashboard, or a security plugin located on either the local or live (remote) site are blocking it. To resolve this, please check the following steps:

1. Log into the live site's dashboard
2. Go to Settings --> General
3. Verify that the WordPress Address (URL) matches the name you entered in the "Export As" Field in DesktopServer. We have found that it's very common for this entry to have a "www" at the beginning where people leave off the "www" in the "Export As" Field. With some hosts, this has to be identical.

If, after performing this step, you still get the error, check to be sure that you have removed any security plugins on both the local and remote sites. Many times these plugins will block access to xmlrpc.php. Security plugins, while very effective, are not necessary on local sites and should only be added once your site is deployed on the live site.