Slowness in local developement

There are several issues that can cause this problem; most of which are unrelated to DesktopServer. This issue can occur if you have some resources or links off the .dev domain and on the Internet that is responding slowly or not responding at all (i.e. a CDN that is untrusted and rejecting requests from the .dev localhost).

To start, please be sure that you are using the most recent version of DesktopServer. Starting in version 3.8, we included an Airplane Mode that prevents WordPress from “phoning home” as well as most plugins from checking for updates.

To verify that Airplane Mode is turned on, check your admin bar. When Airplane Mode is active, you will see a green circle. If it is red, it means that WordPress and plugins will have access to the internet.

DesktopServer is tested on OEM OS X systems. This issue can also occur if you have altered your system via third-party antivirus that inhibits key features to "protect you" of if you are using another third-party tool that alters your hosts file (such as Gas Mask). Unfortunately, temporarily disabling your A/V software does not necessarily resolve the issue as many software manufacturers make permanent changes to your files and file system that can affect your ability to work locally. In these cases a full removal of your A/V software may be necessary and you would need to contact your software manufacturer for complete uninstall directions.

Lastly, IPv6 issues can crop up if your hosts file is damaged. You may wish to copy this file to your desktop and send it to us for review. Here is how: