Create Virtual Host, Folder and Database for Non WordPress Website

You can create a “non WordPress site” by using the “Blank (non-WordPress) blueprint.

DesktopServer will create a folder with a basic index file and empty database as well, if you’d like to use that too. 

If you have any SQL that you would like executed, you can do that by just including it inside a file titled ‘blueprint.sql’ inside your ‘Blank website’ blueprint subfolder. If you want to know the database credentials, then include a wp-config-sample.php from a legitimate version of WordPress in the your “Blank website” folder. 

Then you can use the credentials that you find inside the wp-config.php file it creates. 

Any files that you place in your ‘Blank website’ blueprint subfolder get copied to your website definition. 

Note that DesktopServer creates and destroys the associated database when you create or remove a DesktopServer website definition (regardless if it is a WordPress website).