Using Duplicator to Import a Live Website to DesktopServer

The Duplicator plugin serves as a simple backup utility and creates an archive that can be used by DesktopServer to be imported and made local. Duplicator is free and can be found in the WordPress repository.

To get started login to your live WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins > Add New. Type in the search Duplicator.

Install and activate the plugin. After the activation you will see a Duplicator menu item in the left menu, click this menu item. Next click the [ Create New ] button on the top left.

You are now on the Duplicator >> Packages option page. There are additional options available to you here, but we are going to stick with the defaults and click the [ Next ] button.

This will present you with a scan confirming you can do a backup, click the [ Build ] button.

Download the Archive file to your Desktop.

Open DesktopServer

Select the " Export, import or share a website." option and click the [ Next > ] button

Select the " Import an existing WordPress website archive." option and click the [ Next > ] button

Click the [ ... ] to browse and find the archive. Enter the "Site Name"

You can use the default "Site Root" or change it by clicking the [ Browse ] button

*Customize scrubbing options checkbox allows you to review the scrubbing rules and change them if you need too. This option can be skipped in most cases.

Click the [ Next > ] to complete the import and [ Next > ] again to be presented with a link to the website.

* If the site does not import properly you may wish to upgrade to DesktopServer 3.9.2, turn on the "Clean Import" Plugin and try again as it can resolved some issues on import. Learn more about Clean Import