Import or Export Succeeds But Pages Do Not Display

This issue might be related to your .htaccess file associated with permalinks. The .htaccess file is generated automatically by WordPress when you select and save your custom permalink settings (WordPress Admin > Settings > Permalinks >  Save Changes). Often times this file includes paths or structures that are platform dependent (i.e.: your host could be running Linux while you are using Mac or Windows). When this is the case, your site’s homepage or subsequent pages may fail to load. Deleting this file and re-creating it often resolves the issue right away. 

How to Locate, Erase and Recreate Your .htaccess File

Mac: This is a hidden file on Mac/Unix.

  1. Launch the TextEdit application on your Mac (Use Spotlight search to locate it quickly.) Or you may use an application like Text Wrangler (available in the app store for free).
  2. From the OPEN dialog window, press Shift + Command + . (period) to see hidden files. 
  3. Selected and open the .htaccess file.
  4. Select all the content and erase the file, essentially making it blank 
  5. If you have deployed to a hosting provider, you may use an FTP program, or your host’s control panel, to access a file manager (such as cPanel’s File Manager) to locate the .htaccess file and delete it.
  6. You should then be able to access your site’s admin pages to login and visit Settings > Permalinks, followed by clicking the “Save Changes” button.